Friday, October 02, 2009

Gardening: My Workout

Welcome to my workout routine:

My workout wear:

My workout shoes and yes, I wear pink overalls!!!

My eliptical: Not really, but I need to re-glaze the glass and have been cleaning it out for the winter!!!

My weights; I have 8 bags of compost, 40 pounds each, to add to four beds and rototill!!

My treadmill; I have to clean this bed and I am treading it!!!!

My rewards!!!

Okay, here is the truth. I work out in the yard at least three times a week for about an hour. My nemisis in the garden is bermuda grass. It is a creeping sucker that gets into everything; flower beds, gardens, garden paths and around roses and trees. It requires a diligent hardworking effort to keep at bay. I do not always win the battle but I always am out there fighting!!!!

What is your workout routine?


  1. Cynthia...that is a great work out...and you get to feel and seel the rewards from it...not only in your garden but in your hat...

  2. Your garden is beautiful and it is worth fighting the grass!

  3. Good morning Cynthia. What an adorable post. You and I have so much in common. The yardwork is definitely my workout too. I wish I had that greenhouse though.

  4. You are amazing! And reaping the delicious benefits and sharing them makes all the work worth it.

    Even though we're renting, I'm seriously considering putting in one raised bed for next year. The fact that I don't have much yard work to do makes me crazy. Is that wrong?....

    Friday HUGS!

    (And right now I'm feeling a bit better -- don't know if it's that I'm turning the corner, but I'm trying to rest as much as I can -- you should see my house -- it's a disaster!)

  5. Cynthia, That's a great workout, and I like the outfit too... ;) My work out has to be cleaning my floors...all 4,000 sq ft of them....;) and I "try" to walk a couple times a week.

    Happy Fall!!! Nancy

  6. Oh, is that the creeping stuff that hugs to the ground and can live through an atomic bomb? I hate that stuff!

  7. Hi Cynthia,
    Gardening is some of my workout too! Two weeks or so ago, I tilled my garden. The tiller was hard to start. My shoulder was sore that night. I haven't planted any veggies yet. I also clog 2 hours at least once a week. That really gets the heart a pumping!


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