Monday, October 05, 2009

Garage Sales: Designer Handbags

As you all know, I love yard sales. They are like treasure hunts, where you never know and I mean, never know what you will find.

I love handbags but have you priced them lately? Wow!! When did they get so expensive? So I wanted to share some of my yard sale handbag finds!

Gorgeous velvet embroidered handbag, $3. The darkened area on the bag is from the lighting.

Look up close... so pretty.

A Ralph Lauren plaid handbag $5

Banana Republic chocolate suede bucket bag. $5

Nantucket Bucket, $5

On the top is this beautiful ivory carving.

Gorgeous satin embroidered evening bag, $3.

Up close.

And the best of the finds. Louis Vuitton wallet, $2.

Oh wait, the lady left $.50 in the change part. So really $1.50.

Look at the label.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the handbags. Trust me, go to yard sales, you will find excellent stuff. I will be fashionably dressed for a fraction of the cost.


  1. Nice purchases!!! Even better the prices!!

    Enjoy your company and your daughter's birthday!!!

  2. Oh my stars are those beautiful bags. I am simply amazed. I always tend to focus in on dishes at yard sales. I can see I need to look further.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. you got some really great buys...way to go Cynthia

  4. I love them too, but being in the boondocks does not help matters for me! I have to go so far to get to one!

  5. I really like some of those. My friend Carolyn and I were just talking about going to some garage sales around here. We have some extremely nice neighborhoods and bet we could find some goodies.

  6. Yard Sales are the best. I love finding unexpected things at them, especially handbags.

  7. Wow! Goodness, I wish our garage sales were this great! We live in a rural, rather poor area, so if anyone had any of these handbags they wouldn't be parting with them! One of the few things I miss about living in the city is those great garage sales!

  8. Great! I am a purse-aholic! It is one thing I ALWAYS check out at every treasure hunt. This past weekend I picked up a BRAND NEW Vera Bradley purse & a plaid Fall purse!

  9. Love, love, love designer handbags...hate, hate, hate paying full price!

    I actually sold some of my old Coach bags at my garage sale before we moved -- and they went like hotcakes. Some of them I sold for like $30 and $40 (really, they were in great condition and not all that old) and the women were so excited to find them.

    It made me happy to have them going to someone that would cherish them as I did. :)


    And I love that chocolate bucket bag -- I would so carry that! You're my fashion hero!

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