Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crafting: A Moss Topiary

We have been having major internet problems, here. Hope you are all having good internet connections....I am sitting in a Panera trying to get this blog up.

Last month, I made a sunflower bouquet for my daughter’s friend. However, when the bouquet was over, I was left with this pot.

But an idea hit me.

I needed some greenery on the fireplace mantle in the office.

So take some sheet moss, hairpins and topiary shape.

They are really greening pins.

Pin the sheet moss to the ball.

Keep covering.

And covering

I trimmed the excess moss off the ball.

Added a ribbon and found the ball a new home.

But left a mess in my work space.

You can dress it up for holidays or dress down for every day.

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  1. Good Morning Cynthia. You are a real trooper going to Panera to blog. :)

    Your moss ball is pretty. I have a tin wall pocket in one bathroom that just has a moss ball in it. I really like it. It's adds a little natural without flowers.


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