Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas Planning Pt 2


Now you have a working list and budget.


Take your list. And back date from Christmas. Since Christmas comes on December 25th, everyone will be on the same page.

My list:

Christmas cards with the kids and dogs pictures

a. Take picture of kids – 10/11

b. Copies of pictures… waiting for a good sale at Kodak, Walgreen’s or Walmart

c. Fill in all the addresses for Christmas Cards – Week of November 2 through 6th

d. Stamps at post office. November 9th – Enough for Christmas cards, invitations and thank you cards

Christmas Eve open house from 7 to 10 p.m.


a. Menu made – October 22

b. Invitations made – November 9 – 15th

c. Invitations sent – December 7th

d. Groceries bought for party – December 21st

e. Baking: December 22nd

Decorate House


Southern Living

a. Pull out all decorations – November 14th

b. Christmas tree put up – November 21st

c. Lights on tree up – November 21st

IMG_1706 copy

d. Ornaments on tree up – November 22

e. Kitchen decorated – November 23

f. Living room decorated – November 30th

g. Dining room decorated – December 1st

h. Guest bedroom decorated – December 2nd

Christmas vacation during the holiday week with family

a. Hubby making plans

b. Check clothing for trip


New lighting plan for the house 

a. Game plan – October 23rd

b. Check lighting supplies – November 7th

c. Lights out on November 28th

Presents for friends and family


a. Start list – October 15th

b. Purchase gifts by – November 15th

c. Package all the gifts for mailing – November 20th

d. Wrap all the gifts- week of December 1st to 4th

e. Put under tree – December 4th

Gift baskets like last year for older friends

a. Make list - November 2nd

b. Figure out what to package them - November 16

c. List of cookies and goodies- November 16

d. Delivery date set up. – December 23rd

e. Purchase baking supplies – December 21st

f. Baking dates – December 22nd

Holiday guests for the week before Christmas

a. Check on December dates

b. Meals for guests – October 22nd and Re-check December 9th

c. Check Linens


Christmas day menu


a. Menu made – October 22nd

b. Groceries purchased – December 21st

Charity participation

a. Meeting on Thanksgiving

b. What do you want to do?

Events planning on attending

a. Attend the Nutcracker – November 27th

b. Christmas parade – December 4th 6:30

c. Fantasy of trees – November 25 to 29

d. Knoxville Jingle Bell -Run 5 K & 1 Mile Fun Walk – December 12th 10am

Gingerbread house

a. Design house – November 16th

b. Templates made – November 17th

c. Wood base made – November 17th

d. Bake the gingerbread – November 18th

e. Allow two days to get stale

f. Purchase candy – November 11th

g. Decorate house and put together- November 20th

Notice, most of the things I have to do are completed in November. The goal is to have more free time in December to completely enjoy the holiday season.

Stay on track - Already completed

Gift List Complete

Lighting Game Plan – working on today.


  1. Oh my goodness Cynthia! I'm exhausted just from reading the list and I haven't even carved my pumpkins from Halloween yet.

    I do agree that it's good to start early and spread the work out over several days. I take a "Christmas Sanity Week" around the 2nd week of Dec where I take some vacation time to do most of my shopping and get my packages in the mail for the grandkids.

  2. I second Adrian's comment...

    I'm exhausted!

    Ur amazing!

    Big HUGS from your bloggy friend that fell off the earth for two weeks! :)

  3. Such a wonderful list!

    I do a time like like this too....and I usually do a Christmas post every month. I don't know I'm not feeling it this year and I'm so behind.

  4. That is quite a list! I think I may start mine this week, once I get the list made of course.

  5. Lord have mercy girl! I have never! You are just the most organized person ever. I make lists...but not this detailed:) I'm so impressed. I loved the "Start List" on the list. You are organizational guru!


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