Monday, November 09, 2009

Sewing: A designer skirted tablecloth tutorial

Sewing is a fantastic way to get a designer custom look for a fraction of the cost. When redecorating this bedroom, the side table needed a new tablecloth. So I chose fabric to match the Euro Shams, bedding and my favorite picture.

To begin, measure the table carefully. You will need two measurements:
1. Top of the table
2. Height of the table.

Diameter of your circle will be Top of the table + Two times the height of the table. Add 6 inches to the final measurement. The addition will allow a generous hem and piping we are going to add. Cut two lengths of the decorator fabric according to your final measurement. Cut one of the lengths of decorator fabric along the fold, down the middle of the fabric.

Sew each smaller length to the larger piece of decorator fabric.

I serged the edges of the tablecloth but it is really not necessary.


Repeat the process with a light lining fabric. I did not split the fabric and sewed the two pieces together down the middle. Fold each piece, the lining and the decorator fabric in quarters. Using a string cut to 1/2 your final measurement.

Carefully measure a circle out of the fabric using the string from the center corner fold of the fabric. Open the decorator fabric right side down. Lay the liner fabric wrong side down on top of the decorator fabric.

Pin the fabric together to stabilize the two circles.

This piping is the key to getting a custom look.

Fold two inches over and press.

Next, fold another two inch hem with both fabrics, put the piping in and pin.

Hand-stitch the hem, making sure to secure the piping in the hem casing.

Press the tablecloth.

Place your new fabulous designer tablecloth on your new table.

The piping adds a special custom touch to an ordinary tablecloth.



  1. So pretty and I really like your choice of fabric also.

  2. very pretty...thank you for the lesson...

  3. Beautiful! My strategy? Call my mother-in-law! ;0)

  4. Very good directions! I think my daughter could actually follow them. Why don't they make the pattern guides that easy. Don't you think more people would sew because it would take all the mystery out?

  5. Okay, you won't even believe this but just last night I was sitting looking at a table in my family room, thinking I would like to make a tablecloth/skirt thingy for it and I had no idea where to begin! Now I know!

    Now, can you rustle me up some extra time?....

    Monday HUGS!

  6. Jane @ Finding FabulousNovember 10, 2009 at 9:31 AM

    Wow...I love that fabric! It looks beautiful!

  7. Jane @ Finding FabulousNovember 10, 2009 at 9:31 AM

    Wow...I love that fabric! It looks beautiful!

  8. I love tutorials like this. I have a glass topped kitchen table I'd like to cover at times. This will certainly help me to create my own.


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