Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Decorating: Painting a Room

Recently, I re-painted our bedroom and thought I would share some thoughts on the process. We are all saving money and rather than spend the money for a painter, it is an easy process to do a professional job. Also, I know everyone is busy, either working or raising a family. It is possible to paint a room in the middle of the week with your life going on around you.

  1. Day 1: Clear as much out of the room as possible. As a part of the redecorating process, I carefully edited what was going to stay in the room and put it out of the way. The rest is either used throughout the house or take to Goodwill and will bless someone else’s home. In my room, this process took one and a half hour.
  2. Day 2: Remove all nails, hooks and items off the walls. Fill the holes with light spackling for small holes and plaster for larger holes. Lightly sand and wipe up after the dust. Another hour.
  3. Day 2: Cut in all the corners, baseboards, ceilings and electrical fixtures. We cut these in twice because our new spackling was hard and we had to replace it … We also painted all the way around the curtains, top and bottom. Two hours. My bed was in the middle of the room with all the dressers. Later in the evening, we put the sheers back up so I didn’t have to see the neighborhood or better than that, they didn’t have to see me.

  1. Day 3: Roll the paint in a W pattern to ensure good even paint coverage. Two coats took two hours and fifteen minutes. Again, my bed is in the middle of the room.

  1. Day 4: Next we taped with this new tape, Frog Tape. You can use this tape on at least 24 hour painted walls. One hour
  2. Day 4: Painted baseboards, doors and ceiling molding. Two Coats and Two Hours
  3. Day 4: Put back all electrical plates, pictures and furniture. One Hour

A professional would charge hundreds of dollars paint this room. We painted it for $73. The cost covered two gallons of paint, a new roller and the small jar of spackle. I already had the baseboard paint and brushes.

And a grand total of 11 hours with two people from beginning to this stage.

Well worth the effort.

Yes, I did feel like a princess with my bed in the middle of the room.


  1. You are talking about one of my favorite subjects today! I really like to paint. Painting is the quickest cheapest way to give a room a facelift - whether you change the color or not. My husband has always joked that he goes to bed and wakes up to a new color. It's not quite true but when the kids were little I did my painting in the night so they wouldn't get into it. :) Remember those days?

  2. Looks great! I love redecorating and painting :0)

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

  3. It amazing -- just a different paint color and removing the heavier window treatments and it looks like a completely different room -- so light and airy! And of course, the picture looks beautiful as a focal point.

    Rock on AW!

  4. I love it. Such a relaxing space now. Thanks for sharing.


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