Monday, September 28, 2009

Decorating: A Bedroom Table

The first area finished in our bedroom remodel is this small table. I wanted an area that was pretty. I can store some bags for teaching, sewing, and smocking under the table, ready to leave the house.

The bowl will be filled with white pumpkins in October, leaves in November and Christmas balls in December.

Following the Nester's lead, I decided to price this little space and was very inexpensive to put together, thanks to yard sales and Goodwill.

  1. Lamp, yard sale $3.
  2. Plate, yard sale, $2
  3. Picture, yard sale, $5
  4. Aqua finial, Goodwill $4. I repainted
  5. Cream Bowl, Target at 75 percent off, $5
  6. Crystal Clock, Grandmother
  7. Silver plate, yard sale, $2
  8. Table, already black, Yard Sale $20
  9. Baby shoe, Daughter’s

Total Cost: $41

I have been sewing like crazy and will show you next week, what I have been up to in the bedroom.


  1. Gorgeous! The print is perfect with your wall color and accessories. You are doing a great job. :)

  2. Nice job. I really need to get into going to yardsales. I see people pick up cute stuff all the time.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. That is gorgeous, Cynthia!!! Love the blue walls too! Nancy

  4. You sure have a great eye!!! Your colors and details are just perfect... well done!!

    I was looking closely at the picture and got to thinking... if you would happen to find a chunky black frame for that picture, or maybe even paint the exisiting frame black, it would REALLY tie everything in together. I mean.. it already does nicely with the blues and such...

    Just a thought. As always... I am impressed by your work!

    God bless-

  5. What a gorgeous print! Fantastic job decorating on a frugal budget! Looks amazing!

  6. Very pretty....and I am so impressed with how little you spent!
    Thanks for keeping Tim Tebow in your prayers :)


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