Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decorating and Fall Cleaning

Today is the first day of the holiday season for me. I pack up everything in my house. Every accessory in the


Dining room


Living room.

Next we will pull out Halloween decorations.

After Halloween... Thanksgiving,

then Christmas.

All of them get carefully washed and packed up. They don't see the light of day until January. I like to put them away. When I open the boxes in January, it is such a joy to see them. I edit what I don't love but also I miss seeing them. By packing them away, the accessories don't compete with the holiday items.

Try packing away your everyday accessories. You will get to see them in a fresh light.


  1. Honey, I feel like I just got all my accessories unpacked....



  2. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of your holiday decorating!

    Hope you're doing well.
    Many blessings, Cynthia!


  3. If you're not tired yet, do you want to come to my house and clean? LOL

  4. You are very organized. I leave everything out and pile on the decorations! I love your idea though.

  5. Beautiful house! I am decorating on Friday. Can't wait!! Love your blog. Stopping by from SITS. I think I might just follow! :)

  6. Cynthia, I just love it all...your home is beautiful! If you ever want to sell that bunny print...I'll buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy


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