Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baking: A Sunflower Cupcake Bouquet.

My daughter's friend had a birthday on Sunday and we wanted to make her a cupcake bouquet.

So start with a cupcake and an oreo.

Scoop out enough of the cupcake to make the oreo flat. Fill the hole with some icing and top with oreo.

Next add leaves around the bottom and top with yellow icing.

I used a leaf tip to make the sunflower leaves.

All the cupcakes lined up. I must tell you at this point.... the cupcakes were so cute I didn't need to go further but ..... I wanted to give a bouquet a try.

We also wanted to give the bouquet some color... so we added red cupcakes as well.

So I glued a 6 inch styrofoam ball into a clay pot.

Using skewers that I cut short.

I placed them in the ball, using a cupcake to measure the room I needed.

9 cupcakes on the bottom, 5 cupcakes in the middle and three on top.

I punctured a whole in the bottom of the cupcake paper and placed them on the skewers. We also filled in the holes with green tissue paper.

All in all, I would make this again with a pot that would support the bottom cupcakes. We held our breath and almost lost three bottom cupcakes. But it is cute!!!!


  1. I love the sunflowers in the clay pot! How Cute is that! Great idea for my niece's birthday. Thanks for the inspiration! :)Dina

  2. This is a darling idea.

    Welcome Gail on her lst day blogging @ shabbycottageshoppe.blogspot.com.
    Have a beautiful day. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. That is so, so cute! I've never seen anything like those -- but what a great idea. Another use for Oreo's -- who knew?....

    And I was sort of holding my breath looking at the pictures, so I wondered if they got heavy at the bottom. I wonder what you could use for a "ring" of support. Knowing you, you'll come up with some genius idea!


  4. When we do them again we have to find a way to make the cupcakes lighter... using just one side of the Oreo will help this... but I am lost on how one could make that and transport it.. lol!!!

    It turned out great.
    Love you

  5. Oh goodness Cynthia, That is adorable!! Please let me know, when you are bringing it over...so I can be home... HEEEHEEE :) Nancy

  6. These are just too cute! I would like to invite you to participate in Crock Pot Wednesday at diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com. Come check it out.

  7. are you kidding?? Could this be ANY cuter???
    I LOVE it!!!!!! Great idea!!


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