Monday, August 24, 2009

Outdoor Lights

Recently I found these lanterns on clearance at Walmart for $10 each. With five in tow, I wanted to use them for our patio area. Hanging them on a chain and candles. They will set a softer mood for evening entertaining.

Currently, I use Christmas lights and while pretty at night, they sort of remind me of a cruise ship.


  1. What a great find and a great idea. Your patio area will look lovely!

  2. Hehe! A cruise ship...I never thought of that before. I do love the lanterns. Great outdoor patio items are on clearance now...perfect buying opportunity!

  3. Oh I really like your lanterns and what a great buy! I have to admit, I do like the Christmas light look. It just seems festive to me.

  4. Love the lanterns. I have a chandelier with candles. I couldn't find chimneys to fit so it is hard to keep the candles lit. I like the look of the candles--kinda castle like. I may try using the battery tea lights!

  5. Um, yea, I have decided that I will be saving my money and not be buying any outdoor stuff for Memphis -- I'm saving for a screened in porch so I can sit outside and not get eaten alive.

    Call it the pessimist in me!

    But either way, great score at the Walmarts.

  6. I love those lanterns - I watched them at WM for a while, and now they're gone. Can't wait so long!


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