Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Organizing: Paperwork

Recently I saw this scanner highlighted in a magazine.

Oh it really spoke to my organizational heart!!!! I totally coveted this scanner.

But no way, I am going to spend $200 for this scanner.... so I pulled over my big printer/scanner and thought, I can make do.

So I scanned this pile of receipts, labeled the receipts and saved them as PDF files. In three hours, I reduced the paperwork by one file drawer!!! And better yet, I can find the dryer receipt if I need it in a minute.

I also scanned a pile of magazine pictures that I love!!!

Warning!!! Make sure you back up your computer because if you lose it on your hard drive, you have lost it.

So ladies and gentlemen!!!! Get out your scanners and fight back the paperwork!!!!


  1. We were just talking this past weekend about the gross amount of paper we have to deal with.

    Have you noticed how your kids don't print everything like we do? Mine don't. For class, Spencer takes notes on the computer and looks at them on his screen. My complete and utter desire is to print them! I want to read and highlight those notes. I'm glad they are not as old school as me.

    Keep on scanning!

  2. Great tips, as always! I do have a scanner but I don't use it ;(

  3. DH just did this for me with my vast recipe collections. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Chalk off another reason I must get dear hubby to hook up our scanner. First I must find out which box it's in and then find the software. Ugh! Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy the whole moving process? Just when you think you're getting settled and organized, you think of something else you need to dig out.

    Must get out my scanner.....


  5. Love this post. I scan everything now! You're right, it is such a spacesaver. I even scan all my paper keepsakes, like birthday cards, snail mail letters from my Mom, pictures and homemade cards my grandaughters make for me, etc. I then use all these things in my scrapbooks because I do them digitally now too, and it works out perfectly. It has also cut down on the trunks of paper memorabilia I had saved from my three sons as they were growing up! Now they're all (or a big chunk of it.... I'm getting there anyway) safely stored on CD's instead. I love my scanner! :)

  6. So does that mean you'll throw away all those magazine clippings? Hmmmm, intriguing. I'm not sure I could bring myself to part with the actual hard copy, but if I could, I can just imagine all the space it would save in the filing cabinet.


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