Monday, August 03, 2009

Organization: The Garage #4

So we removed cabinets and painted the walls, Continuing our garage project, someone.... not me.... had the idea to unload the entire garage into the driveway to clean and paint the floor. Oh my poor neighbors!!! I think I will need to take them some cinnamon rolls or coffee cake for this terrible eyesore. This junk used to be behind closed doors.

Anyway, my home is 50 plus years old and the garage floor looks like it..... So my handyman and my lovely daughter had to pressure wash and acid wash the floor before we could paint it.

They worked hard, while I sorted through the garage or driveway.

We caulked the floor for all the cracks with cement caulk and allowed the garage floor to dry one day. Next we used a two-part epoxy paint specifically for garage floors. I picked out a moss green. My daughter's boyfriend painted and

she sprinkled the "glitter" on the floor.

Here it is all done.

I love the flakes. Next week, I will post the whole garage done.....


  1. Beautiful. Do you plan on parking cars on top of that work of art now?? Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Hi Cynthia. :) Spencer and I painted our garage last week. I will say that our job is not quite as elaborate as yours. We just pulled everything out, vacuumed, swept, dusted, and painted. It's still not all back in place but at least it's not embarassing any more. The garages are on the front of the house in our neighborhood and people do walk through there. It's much better now.

  3. Your floor turned out fantastic!! I love all the specks. :o)
    And your tomatoes ... yum! Our garden did not do as well as we intended. We have eaten maybe 3 tomatoes. :o) That is ok. We will try again next year. :o)
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


    Hey Cynthia. Just wanted to make sure you see that Barb is having a rooster party pretty soon.

  5. I ♥ the floor! I will have to remember that for when we build our 20 years ;0)

  6. Oh poor Mark, he is having such a fit that you got that special garage floor paint. He is so jealous!!

  7. Great husband and I took on that job a few years ago in a previous house and it is alot of work, especially in the summer in the south!

  8. So excited to be home safe and sound...and catching up on all my favorite bloggy peeps!

    The floor looks awesome! Leo and I both have garage floor envy. I always wanted to use that same product on our garage floor at our last house.

    And what a monumental project -- you ALL deserve some major "time off" for some major R&R!


  9. That does not look like a fun job at all, but it turned out so nice. You'll be glad to have a pretty, glitzy garage now!

    By the way, thanks for being a follower. ;)


  10. My husband has painted the garage floor of every home we have owned! Your floor looks nice:)


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