Saturday, August 22, 2009

The heart of a cheetah

He looks like a poofy, gentle panda bear.

He has the prettiest blue eyes and will wear my hairbows.

But don't let him fool you!!!

But under all that fur, he has the heart of a cheetah.

He can run faster than any dog I have ever had...

He loves to torment the other dogs because he knows he is much faster than they are.

And he loves to run....

And run

Oh he will play and pretend they can catch him.

But he knows he can be gone in a heartbeat...

To me, he looks as though he is laughing all the way.

He is a cross between: a track runner and a run way model!!!


  1. Oh man-he is so cute! I just want to hug and squeeze him. I was never a dog person until last summer when we embarked (no pun intended) on our journey with our first dog. Now, I just can't get enough of their furry little faces. Your dogs are so gorgeous!


  2. So, so, so CUTE!!!!! What amazing eyes. They just melt the heart!
    Don't you love when they are running around having a great time? I love it when my dog is excited.

    Fun joys of life.

  3. This post is so funny! You have some adorable dogs. :-)

  4. Your big ol' dog always amazes. I'd never want a dog that big and hairy...but I can definitely see how you could fall in love. I never really wanted this 77 lb. lab either but goodness, I love her!

  5. LOL...."HE" looks adorable in the hair bows!!!! Love those awesome blue eyes:)

  6. What a beautiful boy! I wish I had half his energy!

  7. He is gorgeous...I love those blue eyes!! He sure does look like he enjoys running!

  8. Wow---look at those blue eyes!!! That is the cutest biggest ball of fur ever-I would love to snuggle with him!!! (and I'm not a dog person!)


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