Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gardening: Outside Torches

At a recent yard sale, I spied four of these torches. They were pretty and only $1 for the four of them. That is $.25 each.

The torches would be perfect in the garden to both light it at night and with citronella candles, they would drive away some of the bugs when we have company.

However, first they needed a new coat of black

Next, which candle should I use? The brown rust candle holder?

Or the green?

I really like the green and it looks wonderful in the garden.

I am now ready for company.... I may set up a little table and eat in the garden myself.


  1. Clever, clever! Who would have thought ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Oh I adore torches.
    I am drawn to the green !
    Thanks for your sweet words...

  3. I like both the green and brown for different looks, different seasons. Great find!

  4. You got a deal on these! I loved your post on taking a homecooked meal to your friends. Things like this mean so much--it feeds the soul and the body! You are a good friend!

  5. What a steal!
    The green looks great.


  6. Going green is all the rage you know! ;)

  7. I totally love the green candle holder. What a steal for a $1. I wish we had a spot for torches, but I think we might burn down a tree or something {too many of them}.

  8. What a GREAT idea...and I too think it looks PERFECT!!!

    I LOVE the green... :-)

  9. I can just picture you sitting there in the garden enjoying the beauty you have created and those great torches keeping the bugs away! Great find!

  10. I love, love, love it! And I think the green is my favorite but the brownish one looks nice too. What a great deal you got too! Wish I could find some of those *smiles*


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