Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Decorating: Dining Al Fresco

Last weekend, my hubby was home from New Mexico and we decided that we would treat him to a special dinner. We love eating outside and I have a few special tricks that make dining outside easy.

1. Simple rosemary plants on the table make a beautiful centerpiece during the spring and summer.

2. Near the door to the backyard, I have a ready supply of plates, tablecloths, chargers and flatware. All yard sale finds.

3. The $24.99 wisteria I planted two years ago, provides the shade over the table to make it feel comfortable no matter what the temperature.

4. The light above the table holds tea lights, along with the lanterns on the table. No darkness will end any dinner in my home.

I can set a beautiful outdoor table in under 15 minutes. Less time than it takes to grill a steak!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Your tablesetting is perfect and I love the chandelier above.


    My sister used very similar lanterns as some of her wedding centerpieces! I'll be sharing pics soon! :)

    I'm sure dinner was also delish!

  3. Your patio couldn't be nicer. I love the simplicity of it and the touches you have added. For me, this was a very inspiring post. Donna

  4. Dang girl - that looks good!


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