Friday, August 28, 2009

Decorating: A bedroom remodel

As you know, my great aunt recently passed away. I had the opportunity to ask my stepfather for my absolute favorite item of my mother's; this picture.

First let me tell you a quick story. My mother had the weirdest taste but this picture was the prettiest thing she ever bought and the only thing she had that I totally coveted. I looked for ten years for the same picture. She bought the picture at a furniture store thirty years ago and I could never find it. So I was thrilled when my stepfather finally gave it to me.

Now I have a new problem. This picture belongs in my bedroom and it totally does not go with my current bedroom. Conveniently, I am tired of the bedroom!! Funny how that works!!!!!

For inspiration, I love Tori and Dean McDermott's bedroom. Love the mirrored night stands, padded headboard and color on the walls.

Absolutely love the armoire and mirror.

So here we go... instead of taking a break from the garage project. I am going to delve this bedroom re-do. Come along for the ride!!! And send me any ideas you have.


  1. Yay! I a big project. Your inspiration picture is beautiful. The unique piece is that huge mirror. I want one of those and never see them...that I could ever afford without trading a child.

  2. That's beautiful...the art, as well as the bedroom you would like to copy. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

    Have fun~

  3. Oh my word! Talk about inspiration. That bedroom is gorgeous!!! I can totally see why you like it -- and I think it works beautifully with the picture.

    I agree with Stacey -- love, the mirror -- it for sure is one of the standout pieces. I've always thought about one of those but have been nervous with little kids. I think you my dear, are beyond that and need to find a big mirror like that -- which you probably will at a yard sale for like $7.

    And when you used the word "conveniently" I chuckled to myself because, completely unrelated, I thought of the church lady -- "how convenient!"


  4. Sounds like an adventure will be taking place. Do you have photos of your existing room? Are you keeping anything from what's in there now? :-) Sue

  5. that will be beautiful. good for you for attempting such a huge project!

  6. Oh I can't wait to see this project go down!!! Want some help???? Oh and I can't wait to see the curtains you make too. Nancy

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  8. Oh I know this is an old post, but that painting hangs above my bed too and it is my favorite painting in the house. Did you know there is an accompanying image of a woman in a pink dress?


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