Saturday, August 08, 2009

Baby Shower Re-cap

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a baby shower, as you all know. I wanted to share the pictures of fun with you all.

The sweet momma!

And all her friends!!

And family!!!!

My favorite church lady!

We made cookies,

A cake,

And a diaper cake.

The table with baby spinach salad, baby hamburgers, quiche, baby cocktail weinies, baby carrots and veggies, chip and dip and our version of a Firehouse Sub.

It rained all morning, so we hung the pom-poms indoor.

I made Pomegranate Blueberry Lemonade.

I wanted to show you the lovely invitations that Lori at made for me. She is so sweet. As organized as I am, I had forgotten to order. Within 24 hours of emailing her, she developed the invite, shower advice cards, bingo cards and address cards. Sent me the proofs, I approved and she printed and emailed me. Very wonderful person and very lovely prices!!! Much more affordable than other invites I had purchased.

And she packaged them so beautifully.

We put them on their own special table for the guests to fill out upon arrival.

I hope the momma had a wonderful time. We wanted her and her hubby to enjoy the time before their little boy comes into the world. He is a blessing and so are they.


  1. What a fun shower! Everything turned out great. I really enjoyed following along as you put everything together.

  2. What a great shower! Love the diaper cake with the ducks, and your drink bowl looks yummy!!

  3. What a lovely shower! Everything looks so cute!

  4. What an adorable shower!!!

    m ^..^


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