Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Organizing: Keeping it real - The Garage.

I love Kim at Endless Possibilities. And she always keeps it real. So in honor of her, I am peeling back the curtain on my worst project.

My garage.

In my defense, we had workman that for 8 months opened the garage door and threw their tools in... never cleaning it up. And my husband works out of town.

And I .... okay, let's face it. I dropped the ball.

We all have one place that needs help, this is mine.

Also, every time I looked at this garage, it made me nauseous.

So I could not let this sight continue much longer. So I developed a plan to renovate this garage after thinking about it for several months. Here are the questions I asked myself.

1.How would this garage function?
2. How would I accomplish this project?
3. What storage would I need?
4. What tools could I use to have the garage stay organized.

Next I did some research on available storage, paint, organizational tools, etc.

So now I am ready to start and you guys are going to go along for the ride.

It starts with these tool chests. I am gathering all the tools and putting them in drawers. Labels will be added as soon as I find all the tools.

Let me just say that we could not find the screwdrivers to put these tool chests together.

Secondly, I am going to spend one hour a day cleaning out the "junk" and putting things back in their correct place for the next five days. And will show you what five hours can do.

Third, I am going to move everything to one side of the garage. Work on that, and then move everything to the other side. That way, my neighbors are not subjected to the "junk" in

Let me just say, no one is happier that I started this project. Also, sometimes I think everyone acts like they have it together. And everyone has a "thing" they are embarrassed about and no clue how to "start or execute a project" Well ladies, I have revealed my embarrassing garage and laid out a plan to clean it up and make it a functional, beautiful garage.

One more look..... okay thank the Lord for garage doors.

So ladies, what project are you avoiding and embarrassed for company to see?


  1. Mornin Cynthia,

    I've already been down this road with blogland... ;) I showed some of my un-organized mess a while back. I did however get my guest room cleaned up and it is staying that way! My closets are another story!!!! The garage isn't too bad...we keep it clean so we can park the cars in there, but sometimes it gets piled up and we have to spend a couple hours carring stuff off...it just happens!! Good luck to you and don't work to hard out in that heat. Nancy

  2. The unfinished basement! It is a catchall for everything! Blech.

  3. Wow...that took guts!!! I'm so impressed and proud of you for tackling that. You just might motivate me to do the same.

    Our "mess" is our garage, too...by far! It IS a yucky feeling to walk out there daily.

    So good luck in your project! I am counting on getting a sudden burst of motivation, due to yours. You will feel like a million bucks!

  4. Brave or stupid!!! It is a toss up.

  5. Twice a year I go out into the garage, throw everything into the driveway & tell Mr. Stop'n Drop to put it all up where it belongs. That takes care of that problem. Chuckle, loved your post. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Okay, first of all, it's really not as bad as you think. I'm sure I've seen far worse.

    As for places we're "hiding" -- let's just say we don't want to look outside my back door on the "covered patio" -- it's got a desk on it's end, a air hockey table not put together, our CHRISTMAS TREE (you want to talk Griswold!) and rubbermaid boxes of phone stuff from Leo's business. It's an embarassing catchall!

    Can't wait to see the completed project! :)

  7. I can only begin to imagine the masterpiece you are going to create out of this!! We tackled our garage last year when hubby built his shed and it still functions pretty well. It does have our old railing system in there waiting to be sold and needs a bit straightening, but all in all a nice organized place! AND we can fit both cars in it, which none of my friends can do!!! Enjoy your day!


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