Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gardening: Lavender

First, thank goodness, we are not looking at my garage and something prettier. I planted one lavender plant last year and nothing happened. The plant got bigger but no flowers. Well this year, lavender flowers came out in full.

A month ago, the lavender flowers looked like this.

Full of butterflies and bees

I did not cut and harvest the flowers to dry because, dang it, I liked the look and was happy that the bees were happy.

But yesterday, the lavender looked like this:

Still very interesting but needing to be harvested, if I am going to have any dried lavender.

So to harvest, simply pull gently on the stems and the lavender will fall off. When I capture it, I am going to sew the cutest pillow sachets for holiday gifts this Christmas.

This fall, I will divide the lavender into four plants and plant in different spots in my yard. Now, I paid $4.99 for this original plant. I had bees, butterflies, lavender and next four additional plants for the yard.


  1. I LOVE lavender! I ordered some already dried to add to some soaps awhile back but next year I want to try growing some:)Have fun in your garage:)

  2. How pretty and what a good idea. :) You never know, you might have a cottage industry with those plants.

  3. It's lovely! This year is the first time I have had success in growing lavender. I am so excited! I have it located next to a concrete sidewalk in a raised bed. I worked in quite a bit of sand before I planted and that seemed to help a lot.

  4. I too love lavender. I have a sachet that my Mom gave me years ago (it's one of her hankies) and it still smells. It's easily 30 years old. No lie.

    I loved, loved, loved how pretty your lavender turned out to be -- and I would have left it alone too. I love just leaving things natural to see what comes.


  5. I have always wanted a lavender plant. Perhaps next year is the year!


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