Friday, July 31, 2009

Gardening: A Hostess Gift

Gardening has some very "rich" rewards.

Dirty hands
Dirty feet
"Fruit" for my efforts
Sense of pride

But the best part of gardening, is the ability to share my "fruits" with others. Last evening, I attended a dinner with fellow church members and wanted to take a gift for the lovely hostess. And it occured to me, why don't I take some produce to her?

Besides, I have an abundance:


And I picked half of the green beans.

But how could I make it pretty? Packaging that really sets off most gifts. What doesn't look better in a pretty container? So, I pulled out a pie box. Wrote a simple note to the hostess on the top of the box.

Then lined each compartment with parchment paper and picked out my best tomatoes and green beans.

Closed carefully and tied a pretty ribbon around the box.

I wanted to convey my thankfulness for the dinner invitation and hopefully, I achieved my goal.


  1. What a lovely gift I'm sure ANYONE would love recieving:) Have a great day!

  2. I would arm wrestle your friend for that gift! :) Awesome idea.

  3. If I fix you some Hamburger Helper, would you please bring me beans and tomatoes. Both are my absolute favorite! ;0)

  4. Hey Cynthia. :)You asked how I'm finding the blogging parties...well the answer to that is I'm spending too much time blogging while you get things done! I will try to tell you if I see something different.

  5. What a lovely idea!!! I would love to receive something like that instead of a candle!! Great job! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Beautifully packaged, Cynthia! And isn't it fun to give something you grew yourself. I just now gave away a jar of pickles I made today -- my packaging wasn't as pretty as yours, but it's still very satisfying to give home-made, home-grown gifts.

  7. That is gorgeous-a gift anyone would love! The pie box is a great idea and I love how you separate them with the parchment paper. :)


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