Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth of July Party

Oh my goodness, I have the best friends and neighbors. It felt like a neighborhood block party and I couldn't find anyone who wasn't smiling because we were together.

Approximately 75 of them showed up, including two firehouses of the valiant and lovely firemen and a firelady.

These were in my front yard.

They honked the engine horns and all the kids squealed with delight.

My hubby cooked fantastic hamburgers and hot dogs.

But I think he was hot... because next thing I knew he was in the pool with a handy water gun.

All the kids got bubbles. The bubbles were so cute, shaped like ice cream cones and the bubble mixture smelled exactly like strawberry, chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

But my friend, Mary, should win the bubble blowing championship!!

She rocked.

We had homemade ice cream and hamburger cupcakes

Everyone brought something, and everything was delicious.

We celebrated a new engagement.

New friends

A new boyfriend:

An almost new baby.

Old friends

My daughter's god son.....

Which would make him my grand god son... finally.

Kids abounded.

And water gun fights:

After the party, we went to the cul-de-sac down the street and watched fireworks...

We oohhhed and



And were amazed with delight.

My neighbors and friends made this holiday the best Fourth we have ever had. I thank them for the fun, food and friendship.


  1. What a perfect party! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad it was wonderful for everyone. You worked hard to prepare it.

    And I'm sure all those relationships and people were the best part.

    What a great idea to invite the firemen. Love it!

  2. Feel like we are there with you .. very inviting & fun time. Pics are fantastic! TTFN~ Marydon

  3. Thanks for the pics. So Much Fun! Glad it went well.

  4. What a wonderful time! The hostess with the mostess!

    Totally beats our 4th filled with gray, rain, cold, and sickness. Blah.

  5. Oh what fun your block party looks. We were rained out so it is so nice to get to enjoy yours. Everyone does look like they were having a blast.

  6. Looks like it was an awesome celebration!

  7. I wish I could have been there! It looked like so much fun!! Love your pictures of the fireworks especially! Great job on capturing them at the right moment. Your husband looks very cute in the pool! Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Girl, I so want to come next year!!! And I loved all the pictures -- you are amazing!

    Your friends are super lucky to have such a great friend who really knows how to throw a party!


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