Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafting: Pom-poms

So this weekend I am giving a baby shower for the most amazing couple.

Let me tell you their story; A week before Christmas, there was a fire in their home. They lost almost everything. In addition, my friend has had several miscarriages over the last 8 years. This dear couple had given up on the idea of having a baby. That is until 10 weeks after the house fire.

She found out she is pregnant. And she found that out.... longer than she had ever carried a baby. God's blessing rose out of the ashes of their home. This couple is very faithful but my friend has the most glorious sense of humor. Her baby room theme is FIRE ENGINES!!! Amazing. She should be bringing her baby home around the time the contractor is putting on the finishing touches on her new home.

With a theme of Fire Engines, the colors are yellow and red.

So I needed pom-poms. If you remember my daughter's birthday party, I love pom poms for outside entertaining. They add drama, and flair without being expensive.

Take 8 sheets of colored tissue paper, line them up carefully and fold in an accordion fashion. Once folded, wrap a rubber band in the middle of the accordion fold. I had used wire before but the rubber band was much easier.

I wanted the pom-poms to look more like chrysanthemums. So we carefully cut the folded tissue paper a pointed fashion.

I saved all the triangles for the cookie packaging.

Once all the points are cut

It is time to separate the layers of tissue paper, very carefully.

Here is the pom-pom with four layers separated.

One side done, add a string to hang the pom-poms.

One flower done, eight more to go. For a total of five red flowers, two yellow flowers and two blue flowers.

Tomorrow, I will show you the cute invitations I sent out.


  1. What a beautiful idea! They look beautiful from your daughter's party and I can't wait to see the way they look for this baby shower. What a beautiful story despite the sadness of losing their house!

  2. That is just wonderful news! Thanks for telling us that story. Can't wait to see all of your picures.

  3. what a great sense of humor your friend the pompoms

  4. Sweet story. Bless your sweet friends.

    Love the pom poms! Thanks for always giving such great ideas. And how easy...and affordable that it....

  5. Bless the baby & your friends. Dying to see the rest of this event you are having ... TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Cynthia, You are something...I think i've said that before, but it needs to be repeated often. :) They are beautiful! And, what a beautiful story!!! Best of luck to the couple! nancy

  7. God is SO good! And I don't know if you told me (before yesterday) about the fire engine theme. Just precious!!!

    Can't wait to see all the pictures. You are such a wonderful friend -- and a blessing and inspiration to all!

    Thanks for the chin wag yesterday -- I so needed it! :)

  8. oh my friend - these are AWESOME!! My daughter is waiting patiently for her bday party and I am going to do these...thank you!! :)

  9. Stopping by after Jen tweeted about your post. Just wanted to say this is a great & festive idea that would go well with holidays like the 4th. I bet you have many more such ideas up your sleeve too.

  10. What a great idea! and Congratulations to the mommy and daddy to be!

  11. Wantee to tell you I used your tutorial from your daughter's birthday party POM POM'S for my son'e graduation party this past May. I was so glad that you gave the instructions!
    Love the new ones for the baby shower.

  12. hi friend - I am trying to make the pompoms but I can't get the paper to separate all the way to the middle. It looks great, but there's about one inch right by the rubber band where it won't go together. How did I mess this up? Rubber band too tight? :) Any suggestions? :)


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