Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sewing: A fabulous idea

I love lemonade. I also love entertaining outside.

But the bugs can interfere with all the fun and food.

So I decided to embroider a cute cover for the picture. I sewed fringe onto the weight the cover down.

How cute is my new pitcher cover!!! I am going to make another one for Ice Tea!!!! No bugs and a stylish cover for my lovely table.


  1. Do you know why I love you?... It's because your mind never stops!!!

    That is unbelievably cute and what a great idea -- I definitely don't like it when the bugs interfere with entertaining! And I surely wouldn't want someone finding a fly in their lemonade!

    And now I want an Arnold Palmer...

  2. What a neat idea! Your lemonade looks SOOO YUMMY!!!!

  3. I am still drooling over the lemonade, much less the cover! YUM!

  4. What an adorable idea!!! Love it! And I love the color. Looks great with the lemons!!! Enjoy your day!

  5. Oh how adorable!! It's so pretty and old fashioned. Great idea. :)

  6. You are something! What a great idea. It's so cute. Your lemonade looks delicious.

  7. Cynthia...
    what a cute idea...
    you are so smart...that lemonade looks so good...

  8. What a darling cover! It will be perfect for keeping unwanted creatures out! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  9. Hi Cynthia!
    Thanks for coming over and saying hi! You have a wonderful place here. I love that lemonade cover - very clever! That will come in handy this summer!

    Have a super night!


  10. Oh Cynthia, This is tooooo cute! You really are toooo smart!! ;) Nancy


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