Monday, June 01, 2009

Gardening: A Potting Shed Finished

I promised you all pictures of my newly painted shed.

Here they are!!! We flipped the sink.

I am still tweaking and organizing but couldn't wait to share the cuteness of the potting shed.

My son made me this potting table. I can put a large bag of potting soil and fill my pots. It is not beautiful but it is so handy. The little shelf is for setting the finished pots on.

I still hate how these tools look and thinking of better ways to organize them.

I love spending time in here now that it is painted rather than the ugly brown.


  1. Looks perfect to me. I would love to have something like that to work in.

  2. It looks awesome -- and I love, love, love the potting table. That's so handy!!! Some year, when I have my house with a fab-u laundry room with two washers and two dryers, I'm also going to insist on having a functional outside workspace like your shed!!!

    Monday HUGS!!!

  3. I would die for a shed like that. The cuteness is overwhelming!

  4. Thats an awesome potting shed! Oh what I could do with a shed like that......LOL!

  5. Love the shed!!! I really must show this to my hubby for him to get some ideas! He gave me a little corner in his shed but would love a potting table!! Great job! Enjoy your week!

  6. Hi Cynthia, What a nice potting shed! I am sure you will get lots of use with it! Nancy


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