Friday, June 05, 2009

Gardening: A picture of my garden

I was busy working on something..... who knows at this point but I sent my daughter out to take a picture of the inside of my potting shed. She is a fantastic photographer and took some great pictures. However, when I download her pictures, I found this one of my garden.

It shocked me because I thought it was so pretty. One thing I do not like about vegetable gardening is that most vegetable gardens are not necessarily pretty. I wanted my garden to be pretty!!!

Especially if I am going to work in my garden, it should be an enjoyable place.

Next year, I plan on painting the wood to match the house.

This weekend, I am dividing some hostas to share with a friend, weeding my vegetable garden, covering my beans, peppers and broccoli with peat moss, pinching suckers off the tomato plants and tying up some of the tomato plants.

What yard work are y'all doing this weekend?


  1. Wow it does look great. You will have lots of good food to eat soon.

    I've never divided my hostas. Never even thought about it so I'm glad you mentioned it. I'll have to put that on my list for fall.

    We still need to put in some annuals in little pockets. My perennials have all grown so much that they really fill in. Still like some annuals for color though.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Okay, Cynthia, your garden beds are GORGEOUS!!!

    I especially love the bed with the cabbage and the tall purple stuff in the middle -- I couldn't tell what that was. I love the smoothness of the cabbage with the assorted textures in the background.

    Your picture and POST especially makes me want to get my hands dirty.

    Unfortunately, the only thing I'll be doing that's garden related is pulling the pansies out of my pots, so I can get them ready to take with me.

    And you know, once I get to TN, I'll be hitting the garden center to get them filled up with something pretty for the rest of the summer!!!

    Friday HUGS!!! How the heck did it end up Friday???? AAAAHHHHH!!!

  3. Now THAT is one beautiful garden! Lots of wonderful veggies.

  4. OK...I'm going to go back through all your old gardening posts and study. Your garden looks fabulous! It's exactly what I want at my house. Exactly what I've been picturing. Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done. :)

  5. It looks beautiful! I always want my garden to look nice too. :-)

  6. Your garden looks great! I am trying a bunch of alternative containers this year so mine looks like a war zone. Next year I will focus on looks.

  7. Surprise! Your garden is very picturesque. Good eye photo by daughter.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Keep up the good work.....

  9. GORGEOUS!!! This is the look we were trying to achieve in our vegetable garden! Only we desperately need a fence around ours due to all the bunnies and other wildlife we have! It is so beautiful, it deserves to be in a magazine!! Better yet, a magazine cover!! Enjoyed it!!!

  10. Your beds are beautiful. Who knew veggies could be so pretty.

  11. Washin' windows! My least favorite job. But I'm having foot surgery this week so I'm in the nesting mode.

    Beautiful garden. Hubs and I just took a walk through ours tonight. So fun!

  12. Your vege garden looks awesome...wish it were mine! It will look even better when the veges are ready to pick...then, you will absolutely love it:) I've been working in the garden planting this weekend, but the previous owners left a mess. It's gonna take me a while to get it right!

  13. I agree....your garden is very pretty :)
    I did not get any yard work done this's been raining here! I can't complain though cause we really need it!
    Tracey :)

  14. Hey Cyn,
    If I dont have enough yard here at home to take care of, Ive got enough sand and gravel out at the beach! OY!! it never ends..Slug rodeo roundup on my hosta keeps me hoppin..
    The bags are $79, Ill throw in shipping, they are sewn beautifully and lined with a nice dark denim, I think..

    When are you going to start writing girls academy? Ive been WAIIIIttttting!! :)

  15. Your garden is stunning!! There is nothing like fresh vegetable, it looks like you are going to be eating good and healthy.

  16. Miss Cynthia, That is one beautiful garden! The cabbage garden is gorgeous!!! Nancy


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