Tuesday, June 09, 2009

An essential tool for the household and a new friend.

Sadly, an old friend passed away over the weekend. She was a great help to me.

She was ugly....

But I tried to make her pretty.....

And remember that I have a brunch for 100 to cater on Sunday...

So I had to suck it up and look for a new one.

Hello lover!

I hope you will be as helpful as your predecessor. At least you are handsome. He will be arriving between 4:30 to 6:30 today and will be full about 5 minutes later.

To me a freezer is essential to a household. I store meat and dairy purchased on sale, produce frozen at the peak of the season, meals for the future and baked goods for parties. A freezer that is like money in the bank. I can feed my family out of the freezer for weeks. We have had both kinds, upright and chest. While the chest freezer is more energy efficient, I would lose food at the bottom and then have freezer burn. An upright freezer allows you to view all the items easier with less spoilage.

I will post a picture when this handsome freezer gets here.... He better hurry.


  1. Congrats on the beautiful new freezer!! Very nice! We FINALLY were able to purchase a new refrigerator last year so we could move my old, quite small one out to the garage and I cannot tell you the joy that filled me with not only my new beautiful refrigerator that now makes ICE, but also having that extra refrigerator out in the garage that does get used. And for the first time last Thanksgiving I did not have to store my stuffing and sweet potato casserole in my car out in the garage! I had plenty of room with both refrigerators! FYI...my garage can get very cold up here in the north, so the food was always safe in the car.

  2. I couldn't do without my garage unit. Mine is actually a refrig/freezer. It's not very big but it is so handy. It's always full.

    Your new one looks like it's going to be a beauty! Do show it off. :)

  3. Girlie - I am with you....freezers are our best friend and this one is a beauty. She'd be picked for prom queen way before mine.
    I'm going to have to post how we have room for our freezer...it's not in our house, we don't have a garage, and I realize it's a total redneck bedlam moment, and I don't think I am even that redneckish. ;)

  4. Oooh, mama likey! And he's sexy too! I hope he proves to be a real workhorse for you.

    I'm thinkin' of you and wishing I could come help you make food...it'd be a whole lot more fun that this moving thing.


  5. nice new freezer...RIP old friend...I'm sure it lasted as long as it could....

  6. I know you are going to love that new freezer. I still have my 36 year old 12 cubic foot upright....the things still runs and freezes, but alas, it is NOT self-defrosting....that would be me! Linda

  7. I want a freezer so badly! *jealous*

  8. Ohh nice! Lucky you. Good luck with your catering project.

  9. OK...that post cracked me up! I laughed out loud, when I scrolled down and read "Hello Lover!"

    Congrats on the new love.
    Yes, I'm with you....freezers are worth every penny!


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