Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Decorating: The Fourth of July

I love, love, love the Fourth of July. That said, I usually decorate the house on the Fourth. But not this year. I am pulling out all my Fourth of July early. Why do I wait?

Besides, I decorate for Christmas in Nov.

So from now on.... I am rethinking when I get my flag on!!!

When are you decorating for the Fourth?


  1. Looks like a party waiting to happen Cynthia! You are smart to do so much ahead of time. I know your neighbors are going to love it. :)

  2. At the very beginning of summer I put out all my flags and buntings and leave them until Sept, when I start fall decorating. We celebrate the 4th all summer long!

  3. Cynthia,

    Everything looks so festive for the 4th! I might do mine tonight..but I really don't do much...just a few flags. I have done the buntings in the past, but I think I will pass on this year. Hope y'all have lots of fun! Nancy

  4. I love coming to your blog. You have the best pictures and ideas.

  5. Excellent design/creation ... love the way you display, awesome pics. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Everthing looks so festive and patriotic....I am with you, why wait...celebrate!!

  7. It all looks so beautiful!!! I do not go all out like this! I put a few flags in some pots of flowers. We always have our main flag flying on the front porch. Not even entertaining this year. Love the pictures!!


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