Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cooking: A Wedding Brunch

This last weekend, I helped my sister-in-law host a wedding brunch for my niece, her daughter. Her mother also brought some wonderful food.

The fruit platter my sister and I made.


Here are the wedding cookies I made.

My genius sister set them by the door so people would take one as they leave.

Here is the bride and groom. They both graduated from West Point three weeks ago. Aren't they beautiful?

The best picture we took. My brother with his daughter. It was a joyous occasion.

And the picture that made me cry the most!! My niece hugging my brother. Okay, I am still tearing up at this picture.

I hope the couple the best and my brother and sister-in-law did a wonderful job with the wedding. I could not have done the brunch without the help of my sister.... I thought about showing her picture dancing ..... but she might object and she does read this blog.


  1. Yummy, all the food looks delicious and the cookies are very cute. Such a beautiful couple.

  2. That looks like a joyful occasion! I know your family appreciates all that you did too. :)

  3. Young love! Congrats to the grads AND on their beautiful wedding. The buffet is absolutely lovely. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I wouldn't object if it was a good picture.
    You did a wonderful job on the brunch, I only helped set up and clean up. You planned and prepared everything! Those scones were really good! Thanks for making them again the morning I left. I got fresh ones!! YAY!! and I saw the recipe and decided NOT to figure out the calories! Denial is so much more than a river in Africa!!
    I had a nice time with all of you! Thanks again for opening your home and hotel room to me!! It's funny, a grow-up's slumber party looks so much different than a kid's slumber party. We were asleep by 11:00!!

  5. Okay, as usual, you outdid yourself -- those cookies are amazing -- makes me want one real bad!!!!

    The bride and groom are just darling -- and you got great pictures, as usual! :)

    Glad you're home safe and sound and hopefully you're taking some time to put your feet up this week.


  6. Lovely wedding! And the food is fabulous, but your cookies steal the food show! Linda

  7. What a lovely wedding. Your cookies are perfect. Are you sure you are not Martha is disguise?!? xoxo

  8. It all looks so beautiful! The cookies especially! What a labor of love you did for the happy couple! And congrats to them both for graduating from West Point!!! Loved the pictures!


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