Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photography: An honestly, true picture

I love photography but am really, really a novice. Every once in a while, I happen to take a picture that captures the heart of the subject.

Let me explain this picture. My daughter ran cross country and she was okay when she ran with the girls. But she ran like the wind when she ran with boys. Her times would drop several minutes per mile.

I love this picture because she is praying with the boys. She is a godly woman who is competitive as heck, and loves running with boys. This picture captures all of that to me. And I love that her tag is out on her shorts. That is her too.

Lesson learned: Take your camera everywhere you go. I love this picture even though it is 10 years old. I will love this picture until the day I am 100.


  1. I love it too. I have very competive girls and somehow they are always the ones leading the prayers. You must be a wonderful teacher.

  2. Good for her! And good for you capturing it! I can see why this is special to you.

  3. Good for happy to see young people praying before a sports competition! I can see why you love the photo:)

  4. I love that photo! And man, do I wish I had her legs!

  5. I totally adore the picture and the meaning it has for you. Yep, I have a large Canon SLR camera but, I carry my small Kodak in my purse at all times. Caught a pic of James' with a very close friend of his we ran into at the movies. Love the Pic and never would have had it if it weren't for the camera.


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