Monday, May 11, 2009

Organization: Goal Setting - Week 4

So you have written your goals down and the some of the steps to achieve those goals. The next step is to open a calender and set a date for when you want to achieve this goal. The key to this step is to start working backwards.

If you want to have the most fabulous Christmas ever, the end date is pretty easy.

It is very important to set realistic dates. If you want to re-do your entire house, chances are that it will not get done next week.

Remember, goals are like an elephant. You can only eat them one bite at a time.

Once you have your calender with dates, it becomes pretty easy to figure out your plan every day. I rarely face my day without a plan. Trust me, I would not get anything done everyday if I woke up in the morning and said, "What should I do today?" The key to my accomplishing goals is to say, "If I do this today, I will move closer to meeting my goal."

As you remember, my goal was to become a better/gourmet cook. So last week, I spent the week playing with yeast.

Here are my Cinnamon Rolls.

I promise to do a step by step post on how I made them but thought you would want to see the end results.

This week, I am working on pies!!!! Come by and I will bake you one.


  1. Great ideas Cynthia. You are doing great working on your baking goals. Bet it's worth the effort. :)

  2. Dangit, all that stuff about setting goals and planning makes me want...PIE!!! :)

  3. I love the ideas you're sharing with us! And I love the rolls and can't wait to see the pies!

  4. Yum! Great series on goal setting!


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