Saturday, May 30, 2009

I like Big Butts

As you know, I love Old English Sheepdogs.

I think I love these dogs because their behinds remind me of ..... um, myself!!!

Their butts are the only dog butts bigger than mine.

Sad but true.


  1. There is nothing wrong with a little junk in your trunk! That dog is so cute!

  2. As a child I always wanted a sheepdog, but now that I have a medium sized, short hair dog and have seen the hair and the damage that this crazy dog can do, I have rethought my childhood dreams. LOL! I just shampooed carpets yesterday, the carpets that I thought were fairly clean, until I emptied the water tray. YIKES! Lot of hair hanging out in my carpet. We have our first indoor dog, and love him to pieces--good thing, no one else would have kept him after eating carpet, furniture, and everything else he should'nt have.

    Have a great weekend. Oh, and compared to my dog's butt, I am looking HUGE!


  3. Each time I look at your babies I just think they don't even look real. They are like big stuffed animals. Precious!

  4. I love their big butts too, so cute and rolypoly, lol! Love the beautiful blue eyes! I had an old english as a teenager and she had a white face with black around both eyes, her name was "Panda" and she was always there for me, thru thick and thin:)

  5. LOL!!
    Love your puppys big blue eyes too:)

  6. Big butts rock!

    And I saw a guy walking two OESD the other day and I thought of you. It make me smile! :)


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