Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goal Setting: Learning how to smock

One of my goals is to learn how to smock. When I was young, my great aunt taught me how to smock but hey, I am old and forgot. So I signed up for a beginner smocking class and joined a Wee Care Sewing group. The Wee Care group sews and smocks fine baby gowns used for babies that pass away. By lovingly sewing these gowns, the group provides parents with a special garment for their child.

Although it sounds like a depressing task, I promise you this is a joyful group of women that know their gifts are being used to bless the families. I joined this group because it was an opportunity to share my gift of sewing but to meet talented ladies.

Since I am making my first gown, they let me borrow one of the small gowns to use as a model.

Look how delicate the stitching and the lace.

Here are a couple of these wonderfully talented and dedicated ladies.

One of the ladies cuts out the batiste:

So, here is the gown I am working on. The darker threads are used to hold the pleats in the fabricand act like a guide until you finish smocking. Once you are finished smocking the garment, the threads are removed and the stitching will hold the pleats. The gown is not as delicate as the first gown but I am improving.

Here is a closer look:

An accomplishment in progress. My goal was to sew baby gowns for my "future" grandchildren and friend's grandchildren. By practicing this skill now, I will get better. The learning curve is always steep but worth the climb.

So here is my question to you, What is your goal and how are you going to achieve it?


  1. You are making beautiful progress on that little gown. And what a special group of ladies to surround yourself with.

    As for one of my goals...let's see...

    I do know I want to be able to put my feet up MORE this summer and spend time with my kids RELAXING and REVELLING in the moment.

    Here's what I say, I have all FALL to get settled and completely unpacked. I think my kids could use some full-on Mommy time having LOTS OF FUN!

    Just keep reminding me of that along the way, kay?! :)


  2. What an honorable thing you are doing. I'm sure the families will be blessed by the little gowns.

  3. Goal setting is the first part of succeeding. Goal achievement (which implies goals have been set) is the key to success.

    Binod Maliel
    Don't Just SET Goals. ACHIEVE Them!

  4. You are doing a beautiful little gownn, Cynthia!

    My goal, Get organized in every part of my life! I'm trying but it seems like I am going in circles sometimes...LOL ;)

  5. I love smocking!! Actually I finished only one project but enjoyed it thoroughly. I had to work the pattern backwards because I am a leftie. Have been thinking about bringing out my smocking machine and making a dress for my four year old granddaughter.
    Goal: Get through the day.
    I know the parents of these dear angel babies are so blessed by all of your selflessnes. It is so good to feel loved and not forgotten in such a time.


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