Friday, May 29, 2009

Gardening: A Potting Shed

I had this shed built two years ago.

The workman put a cupola on it to hold my Old English Sheepdog weather vane. Isn't it cute.

We painted it to match the house.

Yes, it does have a refrigerator and a sink. But everyone used it for a dumping ground.

Good lord!!!

I bought these shelves at a yard sale for $5 for all my vases but the sink is facing the wrong way.

I love it but somehow it never was able to be the "cute" potting shed that I had pictured.

So two weeks ago, I and a helper painted the interior of this shed and we flipped the sink.


  1. My favorite is the cupola. At my old house, I wanted one of these on my carport. I know that sounds silly, but trust me - it would have looked great!! My husband never went for it! Loser!

  2. Your shed turned out so cool. I love the cupola and weather vane.

  3. what a cute little shed...glad you have it like you want it now

  4. Yea, you better get that mess cleaned up. People are gonna start to wonder about you!

    Can't wait for your to post pictures of the re-do! :)

    Friday HUGS!!!

  5. What a cute shed! I have a little corner in hubby's shed and it works out fine! I love the cupola! Very cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Cynthia - way cool! Gardening shed - pool house? Looks awesome!


  7. Ok are you teasing us....are you gonna show the new inside?


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