Saturday, May 23, 2009

Confession: Why I love yard sales!

I found two of these boxes in a yard sale. It is a stash of embroidery thread and look how organized this is!!!!

I am organized but not this organized. You know that I am trying to learn how to smock and you use embroidery thread for the smocking thread.

How much did I pay for all this embroidery thread? $3 Each one of these is approximately $.50 each.

So get up early and you might find some treasures too!!!!


  1. WOW! What a deal! I really like finding things I would have had to buy retail, for so much less.

  2. Great find and buy. Love the variety of colors.


  3. I just always seem to stop at the yukky sales. Hmmm. I need to go with a pro.

  4. What an awesome deal! I love finding the one thing that makes your day at a yard sale. No luck for me this weekend. Just one mega-large basket to corral the stuffed animals my daughter had accumulated, and a nice wooden curtain rod I spray painted black and hung in my family room.

  5. What a great bargain! Love all the pretty colors..

  6. Great find! I love yard sale-ing, but can't find too many where I live in the boonies!

  7. You got a WONDERFUL deal with that embroidery floss! Wow! My sweet husband went garage sale shopping on Saturday morning while I slept out of pure exhaustion and got some treasures for me. :) I came over from Rhoda's. Kelly


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