Saturday, May 02, 2009

Confession: I am the Ugly American

Let me start by apologizing for being the "ugly American". When we went to Paris about ten years ago, I tried to blend in. But goodness, gracious.... we walked miles and miles and I had to wear comfortable shoes.

From the feet up, oh I blended well. I would sit on the Metro and get approving nods from the ladies and then they would look at my "comfortable" shoes and inevitably the look of horror would come over their faces and they would shake their head in disappointment and contempt.

To make up for this faux pas, I follow some European blogs. In the ugly American mode, I don't understand a word they say but their pictures "Suuure are pretty."

Take a look for yourself and try to wear fabulous shoes when traveling in Europe.

I hope to subject them with my presence in the next few years.


  1. I would labeled "Ugly American" as well as I need comfortable shoes when I walk also!! Very funny! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Cynthia -- honestly, I think "ugly" shoes have come a long way, really. I used to remember thinking the Naturalizer store was the "old lady" shoe story when I was a kid -- now I actually own a pair of cute, sassy sandals and they're from Naturalizer. Go figure.

    I never realized how much we Americans probably stick out when we travel to Europe and beyond. When I was talking to the nice woman I met in the Memphis airport a few weeks ago I commented on how nice she looked. She told me that they "dress up" when they travel to Europe so they don't "stick" out. Interesting.



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