Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gardening: A purple spring

I love to garden and designed them. But I just realized that after the daffodils and tulips fade, my garden is solely filled with purple flowers!!! A major faux pas for a gardener. There
should be a variety of color. Pinks, yellow, white, I would even take a red flower and I hate red flowers in my garden.

Look: purple

More purple

Come on peonies, bring on pink.

Speaking of problems, I left this pot out over the winter. Ummm, looks pretty bad.

Now, the last problem I will address today. How do you grow plants when the dogs climb in the flower bed to protect the property from walkers who are innocently walking by the yard?

I am off to the nursery to add color!!!!


  1. I'm cracking up that you hate red because it's my favorite. I have a clematis that's blooming right now and looks just like yours. It's so exciting. Another one that is deep purple is covered in buds.

    It has been raining here for three days and I'm about to lose my sanity. Hopefully the sun will peek out today.

    Enjoy your gardening.

  2. dont throw your pot away use it in your garden..I use my broken pots for frogs and lizards to hide in..I love purple

  3. I love purple too. I have peonies and the same exact clematis at my house! Is all that blooming already in your garden?

  4. Here's what I say -- if YOU like purple and it makes YOU happy, plant away my friend.

    And I can't believe you've already got stuff blooming like that. So pretty!

    I love Deb's idea too about keeping the pieces of the pot. Reuse. Recycle.


  5. Love purple! I need to plant some peonies here! Have no clue how to keep the dog out of the flower beds. Right now I'm trying desperately to keep the neighbor's cat off my porch furniture. If I wanted my furniture covered in cat hair, I'd have my own cat!!! Any suggestions...anyone???

  6. Can't wait to see the peonies in bloom!!! I just love them!

  7. Too funny! My dogs lets no one get by unnoticed! And...I am the COMPLETE opposite...I only want red, white, and possibly yellow and orange color at my house. NO PINK OR PURPLE! I even tell my neighbor to please plant red on my side of his yard! LOL! He has indulged me so far. I do admire the gorgeous colors everywhere else, but for me, the more red and white the better!



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