Friday, April 17, 2009

Gardening: A beehive composter

I have always like composting but with three dogs that investigate every scrap of food put into a compost pile, I have been looking for a "cute" composter. Who wants a ugly black composter in their pretty landscaping? Well, I found one and recently they went on sale. How spectacular?

I lift the lid, put in yard and kitchen debris. And soon, I will have lovely compost out the bottom of this beauty.

I bought one for the side yard and one for the garden side. Is it a little crazy to care what the composter looks like?

Speaking of the garden, here are the new garden beds.

They are getting filled with premium soil today.

Another project we did this spring was to install four outdoor faucets. They are run off a secondary meter, we will not be charged for sewer. As we have a pool, I wish we had done this ten years ago.

After looking at these pictures, I think I need to go mow.


  1. Okay, you know what would be really cute?....If you painted big yellow bumble bees with black dots behind them buzzing around on that composter.....

    And the beds look AWESOME! I cannot wait to end up somewhere permanent so I can make some for myself. It seems all the cool kids are doing it.


  2. Your garden looks great! My hubby is working on adding to our garden and I was asking him to see if he could make the beds raised since I have such a terrible back. I'm going to show him your pictures and see if we can somehow work this into our plan. Went back to your original January post and I LOVE the lettuce greenhouse. Where did you get that??? I get so much inspiration from you...keep it coming!!!

  3. Hi there! just found your blog and was looking through, LOVE the sheepdogs! I had one when I was a teenager. How many do you have? Love your blog and will be back to read more. We just got a compost bin too, anxious to start using it:)

  4. What a great looking composter. We have them that we made!

  5. That composter is adorable, where did you find it? I have one of the uglu black ones, LOL!
    The raised beds look great, what do you do about the grass within them? I'm trying my hand at container veggies this year, we'll see if it's woth my trouble. We have such HOT summers here.

  6. I think Kim's idea is fabulous and I am so going to do that.

    I should have posted the site.,default,pd.html?SC=XNET8419

    Sorry about that.


  7. Cynthia....please don't tell me you mow too!? How do you do it must never stop!
    I have never had a composter! Do I need one? What are they for?

    I can't wait to see your garden...wish you didn't have that fence up...cause I can't climb that kind of fence to grab a 'mater....LOL ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I think we are having MORE rain on Sunday...can you believe all the rain we have had this year?

    Blessings to you! Nancy

  8. LOVE the composter. I think I will try to talk my hubby into purchasing one!

  9. Okay, I never thought I'd say this, but what a cute composter! Where did you find that?

  10. Looks like fun! We are doing some landscaping work this weekend and we are planning our first "garden"! It will be exciting to see what we end up with!


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