Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Garden cake and more

Easter was a beautiful day here. After church, the kids and hubby played golf while I finished getting dinner ready. I even got to take a wonderful nap.

Let's start with my beautiful children and my son's girlfriend. Aren't they pretty?

Not quite sure why my son has that look... but the girls look pretty.

And a cute loving picture.

Okay, girls kick your heels.... don't you just love the green shoes!!

Now my other pretty children.


And the baby, Chaucer:

So for my pretty Easter garden cake, I iced it with a cream cheese frosting.

Using a food processor, crushed one half bag of Oreos, for the dirt.

Added the vegetables.

And now you have a beautiful cake for your guests of Easter dinner.

On a side note: my comments are open and it has been a long Lenten season. I miss all my friends and you were kind enough to send me emails so I wasn't totally alone.

So comment away!!!!


  1. Beautiful cake! Wish were in Tennessee to enjoy the beautiful weather... still cold here! 45 degrees... :(

  2. Love the garden cake! Glad I can comment again!

  3. Cake is gorgeous! Family is sweet! I'm so glad your comments are on!! I've been wanting to comment since I found your site a week ago! :)

  4. Love the pictures of the kids!!
    The cake is soooo cute!
    Sounds like y'all had a wonderful Easter!

  5. Very happy I can comment again!!! Love the Easter cake. You did such a great job!!! Love your daily plan button. Great idea!! Sounds like your Easter was great and you had a nap??? Very nice!

  6. So glad I can comment after Lent.
    Beautiful happy, kids! Lucky you to have them home. Cake looks so yummy...I could just eat it off my computer...LOL!

    Glad your Easter was delightful!

  7. Glad to be able to comment again! Love how the cake turned out and I am still considering my worm cake. I think it may have potential!

  8. Yay!! You are really back!!

    You have just been amazing me with all you've been up to. I guess when we don't spend half the day blogging we get more done. Is that how it works?

    Your family is adorable. Looks like the perfect Easter to me. :)

  9. Cynthia, you never cease to amaze me - and I'm so happy your comments are turned on. Lovely children, cake and dogs. You're the best!

  10. The pictures of the kids is cute...I love the face he is making!

  11. Okay, could you have produced more beautiful children?????.....And I love Brett being silly. That's the best!

    And I noticed the painted piggies in those awesome green shoes right away. How fun! What a cutie!

    And the cake turned out beautifully. But dump question -- do you eat marzipan? (did I spell that right?...) And if you don't, do you just tell your guests not to eat that part of the cake. Just wonderin'.

    Looks like you have a beautiful day and I'm glad you're comments are back! You are a dear!


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