Friday, May 01, 2009

Decorating: Nancy's Red Party

Flaunt your Red Party

I am joining Nancy's flaunt your red party. Nancy is a wonderful Southern Lady who I would sign up for decorating lessons from her.

Here is a popcorn popper that I found at a yard sale.

Isn't it pretty? $30!!!!!! We entertain a lot and will use it all the time.

Okay, so here is my dilemma, I am sooooo tired of my red kitchen. I want to paint it, today. If I could clear off my plate, I would spend the next three days painting it. I dream about painting it at night..... I need an intervention or a painter.


  1. Good Morning Cynthia! I bet everybody totally loves the popcorn maker. There's nothing better than real freshly popped popcorn. I know how you feel about the red paint. I'm tired of my dining room. My hubby is very attached to it though. One of these days I might paint it while he's out of town. :)

  2. Miss Cynthia, If you'll pop me some popcorn I'll come help you paint that kitchen! Thank you for joining the FYR today!! Nancy

  3. That popcorn popper is too cute!
    It will be great for parties!

  4. Love the popcorn popper? Do you use it often? Nothing smells so good as freshly popped popcorn.
    Do you need some help painting? I'm there, but I need some popcorn for energy :0)

  5. Okay, I too love the popcorn popper -- I'm having my big garage sale next week and we're going to let the boys make popcorn and sell it along with pop (see, I'm from the north -- we call it POP round these parts!)

    Anyway, what about a french blue? I've got a great color -- trust me, I went through three before I got the right one. You could even do blue toile accents -- and it would look beautiful with your woodwork and countertops.

    And btw, I LOVE to paint -- so if I wasn't a "little busy" I'd come help you. :)

    Can't wait to catch up next week.


  6. Cute popcorn popper!

    Happy FY RED Day! :)

  7. I love that popcorn maker...I'll bet the guys who come to your house love it too...


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