Saturday, April 18, 2009

Confession: I am number 7 Twitterer in Tennesee

Does that make me weird? Why would someone follow me? I write things I am doing during the day... seriously.

Recent tweets:
Just finished ironing about an hour. I love ironing. Does that make me weird? Ham is in the oven, eggs are deviled and getting ready to scallop a potato or two. Happy Easter everyone!!!

Roasted chicken finished. Sugar cookies baked. Off to meeting with business consultant.

Doesn't anyone have anything better to do than follow a middle aged Economist that gave up her day job to create a blog that chronicles all the things she really loves to do.... cook, bake, garden, her family, dogs, craft, photograph and clean.

Maybe the country isn't as pornographic as I thought. Think about it, who doesn't love the Pioneer Woman? I was an academic at one time, so here is my professional opinion......... I think people long for the older times when a family was together and the home was a reflection of their heart. They gathered for good food and wholesome fun. That is the only way you can explain me; a fifty year old, washed up Economist being number 7 top twitterer in the state of Tennessee.


  1. Cynthia, You are so right people do long for those days..I had a long talk with my 73 year old Mom yesterday about her growing up Grainger Co...I along with other cousins have begged her to write a book about our family in those days. It's sad to say, but that time of life is quickly dieing with it's generation!

    Glad your are number 7 in TN....I haven't yet got into twitter...maybe I should! Nancy

  2. You are like June an awesome, hip, modern way. We love you :0)

  3. You are FAMOUS! And now I have to check to make sure *I* am following you!


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