Friday, April 03, 2009

Baking: Cake Pops

Dear Bakerella,

First, you are a genius. I don't think people appreciate how special your cake pops are and how talented you are to make them so beautiful. I am the type of person who looks at what you do and think I can follow your lead. I am a meticulous person. I am semi-talented. You make it look easy, as does any genius in their field.

So it started with a double batch of yellow cake.

I crumbled the cake into a bowl.

Mixed in two cans of lemon icing.

Shaped them into balls and egg shapes. Froze them for 30 minutes.

I melted chocolate carefully and put a stick in the ball and look what happened!!!! How can yours looks so good and mine look so bad.

Okay, finally got one to stay on but he looks lopsided and wrinkled.

This one looks so weird.

Then I gave up and decided to make eggs. Not much better.

So I decided to decorate them as you did.... oh seriously they don't look nearly as cute as yours do.

So Bakerella, could you please help me save my sad Easter Cake pops? On a positive note, they did taste delicious.

Thankfully, they are going into a basket full of all kinds of goodies and hopefully the recipients will overlook their messiness. Sadly, today I am going to work on home made PEEPS. I hope they turn out better.

Reminder For Lent:
I am turning off the blog comments on this blog until Easter. I love my blog friends and will put my email in my profile to hear from you. I will follow all of your blogs. My purpose is to focus on him not myself.