Monday, March 09, 2009

Sewing: Another Handbag

Have you ever taken on a project and when it was finished think.....Ummm, that is really not what I thought it would be? It took my five hours of sewing and it really should find a home that loves it.

Well, that is how I would describe this handbag. I thought it would look like this...

Not so much. I made this handbag with every intention of giving it to my son's lovely girlfriend but even she sort of was nice and said.... Yeah I like it. But really she didn't.

The bag is straight, I just plopped it on the table and took a picture.

Another looks.

So here is my proposition. If you love this handbag, you can have it. I want the handbag to find a home of someone who loves it. If I have more than one person who loves it, I will draw for it. So you have until midnight on Wednesday night to post a comment on this blog post only and win the handbag.

You do not have to worry about my feelings if you don't love it, don't worry.

If you do love it, don't be offended that I don't love it. Besides, I HATE ICE CREAM..... I might be the one with bad taste. Taste is subjective.

If you want more pictures, email and I will take more pictures.

In honor of Lent, I had turned off my comments but to give this handbag a loving home, I will accept comments. I miss comments, I love comments and I might have to come up with something else I give up for the next three days.


  1. I'll pass on the bag, but just wanted to say HI!!! Hubby gave me a beautiful new purse for Christmas, so I'll let someone else take this one! Missed being able to do that, but understand completely. So I'm taking advantage of your bag give away and dropping a line to say hi and I have been enjoying your blog even without being able to leave a comment!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  2. I miss leaving you comments too -- so yes, give away some more good stuff! Bwhahaaaaa! :)

    I LOVE THAT BAG -- but here's the BUT -- Cynthia I am trying to CLEAN-OUT right now. I need one more bag like I need a whole in my head and a brand-new puppy!!! I have been cleaning out Maddy's closet ALL MORNING!!! Must keep making forward progress...

    So, I am sending over four special ladies that I know would appreciate your talent and invited them to have a look-see to see if it's something one of them JUST HAS TO HAVE!!! :)

    And have I told you lately that you are the BEST and pretty much just AMAZING?!?!?!!!!

  3. I'm a black purse kind of girl but I had to sneak in here and say hi! The recipes and projects you've been sharing have been great. I miss not being able to comment.

  4. Glory Be! I can leave a comment! YAY! I had just sent Vanessa an email asking her to email you and let you know that I am unable to email anyone from thier email links....It's something to do wiht my computer...who knows...anyway...I haven't been avoiding or ignoring you!!! I just couldn't email you!
    Cynthia, I love the purse, but I like mine BIG. Hopefully someone will want to give her a good home! Blessings, Nancy

  5. Me! I love it!!!! :) Pick me as the new owner!

  6. I happen to love the handbag and think you did a great job!

    I will allow someone else to grab the bag since I recently won your wonderfully generous contest!

    And, selfishly, I LOVE being able to comment again.



  7. Did you get my other comment about me wanting the bag? :)

  8. I would so love to have that bag. Please.................I'll do a post just specially for it.

  9. I am that way with a lot of things I make. I think this is a really cute bag that would love to come live with me :)


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