Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Relay for Life

This weekend, my son's girlfriend, Miss H, and I set up a stand at a Relay to Life Prom and Bridal Fashion Show. The organizer of the event contacted Miss H. She asked me if I wanted to do it and I said, "Why not?" If we don't sell a thing, I will enjoy spending time with you.

So we set up a table:

I was so organized but forgot to pack a lunch for us. So we ate cake sample and diet coke!!! The cake was delicious

Looked at pretty dresses on pretty girls:

This lady was so pretty and hilarious. She looks like she got caught in her daughter's prom dress.

We had a giveaway at our table.

Met other bloggers. I am trying to track down this girl's website. I love her hair!!! Can I have this hair, please. She was super cool.
Another fantastic lady, blogger and artist of beautiful children's clothes. What a cute name, Polkadaisies!!!

Reminder For Lent:
I am turning off the blog comments on this blog until Easter. I love my blog friends and will put my email in my profile to hear from you. I will follow all of your blogs. My purpose is to focus on him not myself.