Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's my Birthday and a Surprise

My birthday is today. Yes, I am 50 and no that is not me.

This weekend, my daughter came home from Jacksonville. She, my husband, son and his girlfriend had planned a surprise birthday party for me. My dear friend and her mother came into town from NC and we went to yard sales on Sat. morning bright and early.

Little did I know what was going on in my home:

The Cake

Another view of the cake lit.... no, it didn't burn down the house.

My daughter made a four tiered two flavor cake. Isn't it pretty!!! I am proud of her attempting such a big cake. She even transported it from Jacksonville.... Amazing.

Miss H made some pretty cake balls. Not only were they so pretty but they were soooooo good.

A view of all the food these kids made, with the help of a dear friend.

Another view!!!

People waiting for me to get done yard saling.... I didn't know, I would have been home sooner.

On top of the party, my son made a DVD of pictures of me, my husband, my family and the dogs.

Here he is expecting me to kill him!!!!

My daughter and a dear friend.

My official present opener. Isn't he adorable.

The chef!!! and co-conspirator

It was a wonderful party and I was totally surprised and humbled by such good friends and a loving family. Although I might be getting older, my blessings are multiplied ten fold every year by my friends and family.

I thought I would leave you with a picture of my lovely children.

P.S. I am not turning off comments because my husband and daughter are out of town today and I need to feel some blogging love. Sad but true.


  1. I found you through a comment you left on Kim Wheeler's blog. I know I am a stranger, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Love those puppers, and what a great looking party spread!

  2. I'm so happy I get to wish you a Happy Birthday!! How much love was shown to you!!! And a surprise party was so special! You truly are loved and have a beautiful the shot of your hubby out by the grill. How sweet is he for putting it all together with your children!! May the Lord continue to bless you in the coming years!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! You have very sweet family and friends. I hope you enjoyed your special day! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday and wow things were so beautiful.
    50 and fine =)

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great surprise, I love the photo of your children including the furry ones, that cake topper is so cool, I bet you will find a special place for that!

  6. Happy Birthday to you. I've been following for awhile but could not comment. I hope it was wonderful. That cake looks divine.

  7. Hi there...I popped over to you blog from another a really enjoyed reading about your Surprise Party! How NICE of your are VERY loved. ANd what a great day that was....garage sale-ing and then a party..woohoo!

    I turned 50 last summer and it's not that bad...if you are surrounded my loved ones and are's just a number. Happy Birthday to YOU...

  8. Cynthia ~

    Happy Birthday dear friend! I am so tickled that you had a great surprise party. Your friends and family sure love you. I am so proud of your daughter also. Congratulations on reaching such a milestone.

    I am so tickled that your comments are turned on. I miss "talking" with you so.....

    Have a wonderful day.



  9. Happy Birthday to you, Cynthia :)
    Wow! It looks like a wonderful party and the cake your daughter made is great!
    Love the picture of your kids and the dogs!

  10. Cynthia, girl I missed it yesterday! Happy Birthday! I'm sure you are still celebrating. Your family is so sweet. :)

    Thank you for letting us comment. It has been torture for those of us (me) who like to talk too much.

  11. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving b-day wishes for me!
    Your cake was amazing, BTW.


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