Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden: The Wearing of the Green

As all of us have noticed, the yards are greening up. New growth is bursting everywhere.

Instead of drinking tons of green beer, as I might have done in my youth. I wanted to show you the green in the yard.


I have no idea what this is, the plants do have labels but a winter of dogs running through flower beds, only the good Lord knows where it is now!!!

Oh a little purple!!! Or grape hyacinths:

And some new bulbs coming up that I planted last fall...... again, who knows what it is.

How about some yellow: It is morning so she is having time lifting her head.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my "green". Now you can't pinch me.

Come back later and I will announce the winner of the handbag.

Reminder For Lent:
I am turning off the blog comments on this blog until Easter. I love my blog friends and will put my email in my profile to hear from you. I will follow all of your blogs. My purpose is to focus on him not myself.