Monday, February 23, 2009

Yard Sales: Goodwill Finds

With the onset of spring, one my favorite activities is to yard sale. I have gone to Goodwill because everyone on the blogasphere has found such great items. So this Friday, I ventured in to Goodwill. Sort of a winter yard sale destination.

Unbeknownst to me, it was 50 percent off clothing items.

I found this cashmere sweater for my daughter, only $3.00

Very preppy bermuda shorts for $3.

I thought they had pagodas on them but upon closer inspection, they are gazebos.

The best part is they are Tommy Hilfiger. That daughter of mine would wear a Tommy Hilfiger wedding gown if she could find one.

This pretty soup bowl for $1. I am going to use it for kosher salt.

This little bunny bowl for $.50. I need a bowl to put jelly beans on my desk..... like I need jelly beans. l

Not bad for $7.50. Can't wait for yard sales.


  1. You and my mother and two peas in a pod! :)

    She always has the best re-sale, yard-sale, rummage sale finds. Plus, it helps that she lives in a very affluent suburb where people donate new stuff with tags on it ALLTHETIME!

    She's always got something from Ann Taylor or Talbots on but has rarely paid full price for any of the brands she loves. In fact, I love to check out the kids re-sale shops by her when I come in because you can always find awesome SCORES.

    And that bowl is adorable -- and of course you need some Jelly Beans in it. :) I love, love, love the Skittle ones that come out at Easter. :)

    Have a great week, honey!

  2. I LOVE the bunny bowl! It is adorable :)

  3. Way to go! You got some good things. I've never been a thrift store gal..but like you I'm tempted after seeing what everyone gets.

  4. Morning Cynthia, I looooove your finds at the goodwill!!! We need to get together on a friday and do some yard saling together....maybe find a subdivision sale...I can't wait to start going too...It won't be long...
    Come by sometime this week...I'm having a party and I want you to attend. Blessings, Nancy

  5. What beautiful finds you were able to get!! Love the bunny dish!! Enjoy your day!

  6. You truly did very well. I love the bunny bowl.

  7. Don't you just love finding such great bargains, the salvation army and DAV are great places to look also, especially when you find it is 50% off the marked price.

  8. I used to be queen of the thrift store and I lost my touch.
    It's easy to get "oogied" out if you don't do it enough.
    I am inspired.
    You found great stuff.
    I'm in baby!


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