Friday, February 20, 2009

What came in the mail today!!!

The mailman brought me a gift today from a blogging friend. Kim asked if she could send me a gift. I thought about 5 seconds and said, hmmmm YES.

Then it came in the mail.

I have the twin so now they are together.

Thank you so much Kim. I really appreciate it.

Go visit her blog, she is a wonderful person and a good mother.

But then she tagged me to show my medicine cabinet. Okay, Kim, here goes. I don't have a medicine cabinet. I have a cabinet that holds all our medicine.

The right side:

The left side:

One of the few things I requested for Christmas present was this girly ice pack. I have terrible knees and need a double knee replacement. But I am completely stubborn and work in the yard all day Saturday. When I am done in the yard, my knees get iced with this dead sexy ice pack.


  1. At least yours is a cabinet, mine is a plastic box filled with bandaids stolen from work, half empty bottles of nyquil, tums, nasal spray!

  2. I can't believe you already had a matching one....see, it was meant to be! :)

    And your cabinet is SO ORGANIZED -- I cannot believe how many extra toothbrushes you have though. That's so awesome! And we have the same matching MAG light flashlight. That thing is seriously a weapon! :)

    And love the icepack -- although I HATE the fact that you have to use it. :(

    Hugs, honey!

  3. How cute! I didn't even know they made cute ice packs. We'd better step it up at our house.

  4. That is a huge cabinet!!! I have a small one in our downstairs bathroom that we use for medicine and since it wasn't enough we have a cabinet over the sink to store more stuff!!! Love the ribbon boxes!!! Do you know where did she get them from or did she make them?? I would love to put my ribbon in something like that!! Thanks!

  5. I love the ice pack, I need one for this summer after a long day of yard work... Craigslist sells collectables also, you would be surprised what you find on their, my husband found me a antique glider or the patio, once we get it painted I'm going to post the before and after...have a good weekend

  6. What a special gift and a special friend.

  7. My entire under the sink cabinet is devoted to medicine and such. It's a mess!

  8. Hi Cynthia,
    To answer your question on my blog, I live in Central Florida.
    Good luck with starting on your diet too!
    Take care :)

  9. Thanks for your comment on the baby shower post. I really want to do something different for the next one. I cannot imagine having to do 2 in one day.

    I love the ribbon boxes.



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