Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewing: Ballet Bag Update

My lovely sister sent me a picture of my niece and her ballet bag I made for her. She is the cutest ballerina I ever saw. Okay, I am partial.

So cute and shy.

Take a bow!!! You deserve it.

Thank you Louise for sharing the pictures.


  1. She's adorable with her bag. :)

  2. Sure, the bag is cute and all, but the ballerina is just BEAUTIFUL! :) You are such a wonderful aunt.

    Okay, now don't you be getting all bummed out about me NOT coming to TN...the whole VA thing is a long shot -- I suppose it just adds to this whole "trusting in God" thing. :)

    And more positive action on the house. We have 2nd lookers coming back on Thursday. They like our house - but have a house to sell - and have already asked about a home sale contingency - which we said no to. Not in this market.

    I was home yesterday morning when another new buyer came through -- I was literally washing my face when they showed up 30 minutes EARLY. Don't you just love it?....

    At any rate. HE (the husband) LOVED the house -- the agent loved it. HE loved the location and the school that their middle schooler would go to. Lovely gentleman -- they both insisted I stay for the showing and they were here for quite a while.

    They're a relocation from Charlotte, NC -- the wife is coming up this weekend and she wants NEW construction. Which we are not. We're 30 plus years, solid construction, full of charm and charachter -- I'm not partial or anything.

    So, she says she's OPEN to older construction, and may be the husband can convince her, I don't know. So, if you think of it, may be say some more prayers for your needy bloggy friend, kay?

    Oh, and will you e-mail me? I have a question for you? My e-mail is in my profile -- and I think on the front of my blog. I looked for yours and couldn't find one.


  3. She's so cute!! And the bag is beautiful!! What talent you have!!! Hope your day is a good one!

  4. You're welcome. She was very happy to have her picture taken with her ballet bag! But she wouldn't put the book down!!

  5. I love that bag! And the little ballerina holding it!

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  6. She is so cute and so is that bag! nancy

  7. What a cute little ballerina showing us her pretty bag!

  8. You did a wonderful job on the bag...I would carry it too! :)

  9. What a dolly! Both bag and ballerina. Your quite the seamstress. Me, not so much. Thanks for stopping by the old blog! You can totally copy my letter. I copied it from another blog, myself..I have to go and look at your other blog conservative girl..I think I might have found a real friend here!!

  10. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog the other day! I've been having so much fun reading through your previous posts. Your yard is fabulous! Love your new drapes too. I can't wait to visit often!!


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