Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last day of the Research project from hell

My favorite flower picture of 2008

Okay, today is the last day of the research project I have been working on for the last three weeks. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you know, I am a doer, not a sitter...... I love sewing, painting, crafting, cooking, baking, and gardening.

I miss gardening. Tomorrow, I am starting my seed in anticipation of spring. The garden full of peas, beans, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, cucumbers and carrots.

I miss flowers. We had a terrible storm come through last week and the only thing I have in my yard is twigs.

I can't wait for my feet to look like this again after a long day in the yard. Come on spring!!!!


  1. You've got spring fever honey! Me too. I can't wait to have polish on my toenails again!! Rather have the mud on my shoes. :)

  2. Oooh, that peony is gorgeous. I have them in my yard and they are my MOST favorite thing that I grow.

    I love your painted piggies with dirt on your feet -- that's the best!!!

    Spring is coming, your project is ending and you will be back to your old self in no time. :)

  3. That's how my feet look all summer, and I usually have little rings around my ankles, when I work in the yard and garden, I get into it, I'm not one of those with the pretty hats and gloves, I wear my gloves out, and my hats also. Can't wait to start planting!

  4. I kind of look like that too when I'm out gardening. But I don't go barefoot, I usually wear my flip flops. And I can't stand to garden with gloves on!!
    I love the picture of your peony!!! How beautiful! Thanks for getting me excited about planting!!!

  5. I love Peonies....wish they would grow here! I can't wait to start diggin in the dirt either!

  6. Love the Peony it is so beautiful.I do not have any in my garden,but I think I would love to plant one there.I lvoe the feel of dirt on my feet in the Spring and Summer.I do not garden in gloves it takes away the feeling of getting into the fun of Gardening.But I do like to paint my toes,the redder the better.


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