Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Decorating: Custom made drapes

When we moved into this home, it was beautiful but outdated. I have always sewn the drapes for every home we lived in so why not this home.

But the window in the living room was 17 foot long. How do you sew custom made drapes for a 17 foot window? Very carefully.

First, I covered the cornice board.

Then I went and threw myself on the lady in the drapery fabric store and asked for all the knowledge she was willing to give me. Next I bought pinch pleat drapery tape. NOW WE ARE TALKING. This tape is the greatest thing ever invented. If you sew the fabric to the correct width, the tape will guide you into making the pinches for the pleats.

This picture is a terrible picture but it gives you the full effect.

These drapes took exactly two days to make.

I think they look nice with the rest of the room.

And I think they go well with the dining room.

Of course, I cheated it was the coordinating fabric to the dining room drapes I made.


  1. Love your home! It shows how much you love it too. :)



  2. It looks beautiful! Yep, I have basic sewing skills, but have also made most of our window treatments for this house. The cornice is a great idea for a big window. I love it!

    And YES, when I used the plaid from your dining room, I also used that floral as a coordinating fabric. We've got good taste!


  3. Both of those rooms, the colors and fabrics, the furniture - it's all timeless and so pretty. Haw amazing that you can make those drapes. You probably saved over $1,000!!

  4. I love them, they make me think of Spring!

  5. Love the drapes! Your house looks beautiful!! I also enjoyed the tour of your back yard! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. I am going to have to check that out! I need all the cheats I can get when making my curtains!!

  7. GREAT job. Did you make the sheers too?

    My mom has a very wide living room window too and I may just have to do this treatment for her window. I've made cornice boards before and that may just be the ticket for her window as well!

    Thank you for sharing.



  8. Your drapes look lovely along with the plaid on the chairs! Great choice, and beautiful work!

  9. Oh I love them! They are beautiful as is your home! Nancy


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